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At Youth Towers, our main goal is to find affordable housing for its young adult clients within 18 months of entering the program. The 18-month time frame is flexible, based on the progress of the client.

How Does it Work?

Within the 18 months of entering the program, we desire that all of our clients achieve the following outcomes:

  • seek and obtain permanent housing

  • seek and maintain employment

  • be enrolled in and obtain passing grades or scores in an educational program;

  • have a checking and/or savings account;

  • complete a credit counseling course

  • obtain knowledge of Federal housing laws

How Do We help?

Our services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Street Outreach-unshelterd only

  • Homelessness Prevention-at risk of homeless

  • Rapid Re-housing

  • Case Management

  • Transportation (Bus Passes)

  • Housing Relocation and Stabilization

  • Career Counseling

  • Job Prep

  • Tutoring

  • Life Skill Training

Youth Towers Mentoring Program

We Need Your Support Today!

Our Purpose

To mentor young adults that are at risk of homelessness by:

  • Teaching social, basic living and life skills 

  • Money Management

  • Career Planning

  • Employment Skills

  • Building healthy and impactful relationships within a family, community, and positive organizations


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