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Hey this is E.T. I just wanted to take time and thank you for all the great opportunities that was given to me during homelessness in Birmingham. I came from a rough childhood I faced verbal, mental, and even physical abuse from the person my mom entrusted me to when she came down with cancer. It was extremely hard as a young youthful child I didn't have the childhood others had, but had to grow up early in age, dealing with hatred , bullied at school, my self esteem had almost completely depleted and I felt as if there was no hope or knew where to turn. But God! Took me through waters my enemies could not swim in. I felt if I was cornered so one day I got on my knees and said "God I know I haven't been praying but I put my faith in you and trust that you will lead me in the right direction" this was when I was 15 and I left with the clothes on my back running away never looking back. Forevermore I obtained my needed credentials to start working and started my journey. Eventually I came across Alice Westery and she yet reminded me of how good God is , I was dead broke and battered from my rough journey but still had faith and a growth mindset so I took that faith and hope to YOUTH TOWERS who helped me get back on the right track and find stability. It can be both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply but you have to persevere and remove negativity from your life keeping your head up no matter your circumstances or what you're going through you can and will push through it. Hope this can lift someone's energy and give then that push they need.

Thank you Youth Towers 

When I first heard about youth towers, I didn't know if they could help me or if I was about to encounter financial hardship. So, I came to Youth Towers for rental assistance. I met with Ms. Westery, and let me just say, Ms. Westery, is by far one of the best counselors I know! We prayed, we talked, laughed, and I didn't walk out with just hope, I walked out with a start! After one hr of meeting Ms. Westery, I was blessed with full time job, my rent is paid, and I am so thankful! God has his ways of doing things to put you in the right place at the right time with the right people. I gained even more faith because of Ms. Westery. I started to cry because of the stress I was facing. I explained my situation and she helped me when no one else could. I will forever be eternally grateful for Youth Towers, and I will continue to work with Youth Towers. Go see Ms. Westery! She's definitely working with God and his ministry!

Elicia H.

I've received so much help from Mrs. Westery through Youth Towers. She provided counseling, free monthly bus passes, words of encouragement, and she listened to the different problems and difficulites that were going on in my life at the time. With the free bus passes, I was able to get to work and handle other important business matters. She also provides recommendations for housing, which is very helpful and resourceful for youth who have no guidance or idea of what to do or where to start. But the help and guidance doesn't stop there. Ther program also provides hygiene products and various house hold items once one has been placed in housing.

Octavia S.

Thanks to Mrs. Westery who I have known since 2007 only that was when I attended independent program at the DHR building eating pizza and listening to people motivate us to become the best that they know us to be.  I put in a request for public housing and finally after a year of searching found a job, with prayer and support through Youth Towers Director Mrs. Alice Westery, who is my rock in all this. Mrs. Westery has been my biggest support and (forgive me for formal speech) "cheerleader". Mrs. Westery has the most beautiful heart and genuinely loves me. I can finally see myself "independent" again but not as before. Through this setback I comprehend that independent is not standing on your own nor is it when you standing in times where days are bright and only few storms hit the window pane and winds just brush through the trees with a little lightening here and there or relying just on myself but believing in the great support system who is God to put in place His people in our lives to help us sharpen one another.

Christine D.

My name is Diondra. I am a pregnant 21 year old. I recently got hired at Arby's. I need work pants and no-slip black shoes. I have limited transportation. I catch the MAX bus to all my important businesses. I am also trying to get my high school diploma in December. Youth Towers has helped me a lot. When I don't have hygiene products, I go to Mrs. Alice Westery. If I need to pray or just talk to someone, I call Mrs. Alice Westery. Also, Youth Towers is the one providing my monthly bus passes. I am very thankful for Youth Towers. If I had never heard of Youth Towers, I don't know where I would be.

Diondra L.

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